Thursday, December 15, 2011

What is the difference between energy absorbed by earth(from the sun) and the energy that is remitted by earth?

What causes this difference?|||Earth is absorbing energy in form of short wave radiation (UV light) coming from Sun, but Earth is emitting that radiation back to space in form of long wave radiation (infrared light)!!!!|||Energy striking earth from the sun only lands on half the planet. Energy radiating from the earth to the cold depths of outer space (2.9Kelvin background temperature, -480掳F) occurs around the entire planet all the time.

The difference in the amount of energy is ridiculous since the sun is so huge and hot (2,500掳 surface, much hotter inside) and the earth is relatively cool at about 70掳F average.|||The amount of energy absorbed and re-emitted by Earth is essentially the same - that's why Earth is in thermal equilibrium. Otherwise, the temperature would be continuously rising or falling. If you're a purist you can say that Earth actually emits a little bit more energy than it absorbs from Sun due to the energy produced on Earth surface from chemical and biological processes occuring there, but the amount is so small in comparison that it is negligeable.

The difference in the energy absorbed and emitted by Earth is the wavelength. Sun's peak energy wavelength is around 500 nm (visible light, yellow color) because Sun's effective surface temperature is around 5800 K. Earth emits radiation in far infrared, with peak wavelength of approx. 10 microns, corresponding to an effective surface temperature of 290 K. The difference is because of the difference in surface temperatures of the Sun and Earth.

The wavelength can be calculated with the Wien Displacement Law equation:

位max x T = constant = 2.8978 x 10^-3 mK|||

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What are the Bank Account Fraud consequences?

I have used someone else's bank account to remit money to the Philippines without the bank account owner's knowledge. She eventually saw these transactions in her bank statement and reported it in the bank. They have traced my name and the bank reported me to the remittance agency.

I want to know what will happen to me. I don't have any record in being in trouble. Please help me, what should I do?|||Well, I can tell you what you should NOT have done. You should NOT have used someone else's card. That's like 3 charges: theft, credit card fraud, and identity theft - all of which are SERIOUS crimes. Bad move. You might be facing 10 to 20 years (or even more) in jail, although you have no prior record. (Of course you will be ordered to pay the money back as well).

Start off with 3 felonies to start your record. Wow. You may not ever recover from this mistake.

What should you do? Pray. Start right now. Pray for a lenient sentence of 10 years.

The immigration judge at Taylor house remitted my case to the UKBA for reconsideration?

How long does it takes for UKBA to reconsider a remitted case?|||If it's an asylum case, it can be a long time. The Home Office works to targets, the aim being to finish a case within six months. Once it's clear the target is going to be missed, the case becomes low priority. Getting your MP involved may prompt them to look at it more quickly.

How Can I find the # to an overseas bank ?

I keep getting contacted by a bank in The Swiss Alps Telling me, I have won money And they will send me my money, Once I remit to them $750.00 EURO. How can I contact this bank ? Do you have a phone number for them.|||What's the name of the bank? Or the phone number they're calling you from. There's all kinds of ways to look information up on the internet. i.e., on there search field you can simply enter a ten digit phone number like this: 626-359-1576, and you'll get any info (minus all the usual pop up junk we all normally get when trying to search for something).

Gimme some more info and i'll try and help you out. Thx, Mary|||Don't dare to reply to them! don't dare to send money! Its fake, its fraud and cheating. First there were millions of such emails sent from Nigeria and after this scam was publicized all over the world, they try it from other countries. Just erase this messege

and avoid any further such messeges.

Why the government is asking donations from the public ?

The government is not running charitable institutions. The government is not a private institution. There is a meaning for the private runners of institutions, but i find no meaning, but i feel some meaning which i don't know. The government have power to allocate funds for certain urgent needs or to face natural calamities. Already, we remit income-tax etc., The government also giving rebate in income-tax for certain donations.. it is ok but why the government is asking for donations from the public ? A government is for the people only and it is the duty of the government to safeguard the public, but it is not the duty of the government collecting donations and the doing duty from the collected amount. what is your opinion ?|||The government has always taken donations although it may be called by several other names. No, a government is not "for the people only".

It seems that you are trying to get to the public good w/o acknowledging that there are expenses in government that are not supported by the tax-payers-dollars only.|||BECAUSE THEIR GREEDY AND THEY CAN|||because the liberals spent all the money on themselves|||after billions of dollars in Tax's cut for the Shell's and Exxon and more they should step up and help America! Tax's on the America Tax's dollars! They need to kick in some money or help rebulid city that were in floods!|||Because we do not require our lawmakers to hold outside jobs to support themselves, and then ask them to govern with any free time they have left.|||They spent their money for their own purpose so they collecting money in various form in the public.

Short-term consulting project: do I need to charge and pay sales-tax?

For the last two weeks, I have been working for a small company in New York City (Manhattan) doing some consulting work and am unsure as to whether I need to charge my client sales-tax for services rendered. If so, how do I find out who to remit payment to? Thirdly, would it be more commonplace to simply scale back the amount I am charging them to include the sales-tax in the daily rate we originally agreed-upon?|||No.

The city of new york taxes the following:

1. Most tangible personal property (i.e. alcohol, furniture, electronics, etc.);

2. Gas, electricity, refrigeration, steam, telephone, and telegraph services;

3. Detective, cleaning, and maintenance services;

4. Occupancy of hotel and motel rooms;

5. Food and beverages sold by restaurants and caterers;

6. Admission charges to places of amusement;

7. Receipts from beauty, barbering, hair restoring, manicures, pedicures, electrolysis, massage, and other, similar services;

8. Receipts from the sale of services by or use of facilities of weight control salons, health salons, gymnasiums, and similar establishments;

9. Sales of credit rating and credit reporting services;

10. Receipts from the sales of the service of parking, garaging, or storing motor vehicles;

So unless your service is one of the few listed above (like a cleaning or detective work... ) then you don't charge a sales tax... I'm assuming your doing some sort of business type consulting work... in which case your like a lawyer and don't charge a sales or use tax.

Is the right to self defense the only unilateral exception to the use of force?

This is in relation to the UN charter and the prohibition on the use of force as set out in article 2(4). I want to know that does the school of though that argues for preventive war ie Bush doctrine- does this fall within the remit of self-defense or does it allow for unilateral action by states?|||that or if you want thier oil i guess. or if they're not white seems to be a popular one too.|||personally i think people will see if it was a good thing or bad thing in the future and as for the golden buffalo, name one barrel of oil that we have brought out of iraq, do you not go out side, do you realize how much it cost due to not having it, you might as well say the sky is green